Shellac is the fabulous NEW power polish that lasts up to 2 weeks chip free.

Shellac goes on like a polish and is cured under the UV lamp making it instantly dry. Shellac is applied thinly to the nails and is flexible like a nail polish, so looks natural yet provides the strength of a gel without any damage to your natural nails.

Shellac has NO drying time, NO smudging, has a fabulous high shine that lasts chip free for up to 14 days (lasts longer on the toes).  It removes in minutes. A wide range of colour and French available.

Also NEW from the makers for Shellac is the fabulous NEW Brisa Lite gel's. Some if you have found in the past that Shellac doesn't last up to 2 weeks, or you have flakey, weak nail's and nail's need more protection, the Brisa Lite smoothing gel can help or if you want added length to the nail's for natural looking nail's then the Brisa Lite sculpting gel can help.

And both these gel's are the FIRST IN THE WORLD that don't file the natural nail and is removed in the same way as the Shellac. Beauty Secrets can help to advise the right system for you.

We also have a fabulous range of colour's and glitters.